Four Blocks Literacy

The Four Blocks Literacy Framework is a comprehensive approach to teaching literacy developed originally Dr Patricia Cunnigham and Dr Dorothy Hall and adapted by Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver, for students with disabilities. 

The following information is based on content from the work of the Staff of Willans Hill School; The University of North Carolina - Center for Literacy and Disability Studies; and Jane Farrall (Jane Farrall Consulting); This research based approach enables access and success for all students.


This is a literacy approach for every child!

The Four Blocks are:

Guided & Shared Reading, Writing, Self-Selected Reading and Working With Words.

Four Blocks Literacy

daily interventions

Based on content from Erickson, K. & Koppenhaver, D. (2014) AGOSCI Winter Literacy Intensive. Workshop presented in Melbourne, Australia.